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Start Date:

Nov 3 2020

End Date:

Jan 1 2021

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Save 20% on Active Motif Sample Prep and Histone Analysis through Cedarlane

Back to the Lab Promotion – Save on Active Motif Sample Prep and Histone Analysis Kits!

In science as in life, a universal truth is that if you begin a project using substandard materials, your results will be compromised. Whether you're making dinner, building a cathedral, or performing ChIP-Seq, the quality of the final product is highly dependent on the components used. That's why Active Motif has developed a variety of products that help ensure robust and reproducible sample preparation. Using our optimized protocols and QC-tested reagents ensures that you begin your experiments with the best possible materials available.

Qualifying Kits:

  • Cat. # 58002(AM) – ChIP DNA Purification Kit
  • Active Motif’s Chromatin IP DNA Purification Kit makes it possible to quickly clean up your ChIP DNA samples and get them ready for analysis, without the need for messy, labor intensive and time-consuming phenol/chloroform extraction. Our method is optimized for chromatin IP and epigenetics applications, so is completely compatible with samples generated using our ChIP-IT® Express chromatin immunoprecipitation kits
  • Cat. # 40010 – Nuclear Extract Kit
  • The Nuclear Extract Kit isolates high-quality nuclear, cytoplasmic or whole-cell extract from mammalian cell or tissue samples. This eliminates the need for optimizing reagents and protocols, and ensures high yields every time. More importantly, standardizing your extraction procedure with our high-quality reagents ensures more reproducible results
  • Cat. # 53500(AM) – Chromatin Assembly Kit
  • The Chromatin Assembly Kit enables you to study your DNA sequence of interest in a native chromatin environment. The simple, easy-to-follow protocol generates assembled chromatin in hours with few manipulations, providing you with material that is ideal for downstream applications such as in vitro ChIP, transcription and histone modification assays
  • Cat. # 40026 – Histone Purification Mini Kit
  • Active Motif's Histone Purification Mini Kit enables you to purify core histones (H2A, H2B, H3 and H4) as one total population while preserving their post-translational modifications such as acetylation, methylation, and phosphorylation states. This purification method is an improvement over acid precipitation methods and utilizes a convenient spin column and proprietary buffer system to purify the core histones from cells and tissue samples
  • Cat. # 40025 – Histone Purification Kit
  • The Histone Purification Kit enables you to isolate core histones from any cell culture or tissue sample. The core histones may be purified using the convenient spin column format as one total population containing H2A, H2B, H3 and H4, or further purified into separate fractions of H2A/H2B dimers and H3/H4 tetramers with the efficient gravity flow protocol
  • Cat. # 40028(AM) – Histone Extraction Kit
  • The Histone Extraction Kit provides a simple method to acid precipitate histones from cell culture, tissue and primary cells (e.g. T-cells) while preserving histone post-translational modifications (PTMs). The highly basic nature of histone proteins often precludes them from isolation using traditional methods for protein extraction. Instead, histones must be isolated under acidic conditions to retain solubility
  • Cat. # 54001 – Nuclear Complex Co-IP Kit
  • Co-immunoprecipitation (Co-IP) is often used to study the relationships between nuclear protein complexes and nuclear processes such as intracellular signaling and transcriptional regulation. However, because these interactions are often labile and the proteins & their modifications can be fragile, traditional methods to isolate and study DNA-binding proteins often lead to disruption of nuclear complexes and a loss of protein integrity. Active Motif’s Nuclear Complex Co-IP Kit improves Co-IP by providing a gentle extraction procedure and optimized immunoprecipitation reagents that enhance the recovery of intact nuclear protein complexes

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Note: Save 20% on orders of qualifying sample preparation and histone analysis kits. No other discounts apply. Other exclusions may apply. Offer subject to change at any time. This offer may not be applied to existing, pending, or prior orders. Promotion valid in CANADA only until December 31, 2020. This offer is not valid in conjunction with contract discounts or any other special pricing. Void where prohibited. Some restrictions apply. Contact your Cedarlane Sales or Customer Service Representative for further details.