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FREE Samples of OneStep Lumitein and OneStep Blue Gel

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Biotium Inc.

One-Step Protein Gel Stains – from Biotium and Cedarlane!

Try Free Samples of One-Step Protein Gel Stains!

Try a free sample of One-Step Blue and One-Step Lumitein Protein Gel Stains! Sample sizes are 25 ml – order today!

  • One-step stains
  • Aqueous & non-toxic
  • Results in 5-60 minutes Ok for sequencing & mass spec
  • Choose visible or fluorescent stain

**Please note that there is a limit of 1 free sample per order**

One-Step Lumitein Protein Gel Stain

Cat.# 21004-F

One-Step Lumitein™ Protein Gel Stain is a ready-to-use luminescent protein gel stain. It is a dramatically improved version of our original Lumitein™ protein gel stain for convenience and safety. One-Step Lumitein™ gel staining requires only a single 5-60 minute staining step without fixation. Destaining is optional. Moreover, One-Step Lumitein™ Protein Gel Stain offers safer handling and ease of disposal, because it is an aqueous-based solution that does not contain hazardous methanol or acetic acid. Furthermore, One-Step Lumitein™ costs significantly less than other fluorescent protein gel stains.

One-Step Blue Protein Gel Stain

Cat.# 21003-F

One-Step Blue™ is a ready-to-use protein gel staining solution. It produces fast (5-60 min) protein staining in a single step without fixation or washing. Proteins can be detected by visible blue staining, or by near-infrared fluorescence. In addition to rapid results and simple staining, One-Step Blue™ offers safer handling and disposal compared to Coomassie staining because it is entirely aqueous-based, without hazardous methanol or acetic acid.

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