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  • Abfrontier is Young In Frontier’s pioneering antibody brand aimed and creating highly specific and sensitive products using our original and best capture antibody technology. Abfrontier’s original initiative was concentrated on Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) pathway products, but our ongoing R&D activities have resulted in ever-broadening focus on our product line, expanding into areas such as neuroscience, serum proteins, and specific antibodies for post-translational modification. Moreover, we have produced several of the world’s first series of oxidation specific antibodies, an indication of our innovation and expertise.In addition to manufacturing products, our highly qualified scientists provide an array of services, including proteome analysis, DNA cloning, protein purification, and antibody production and purification.

    Without exception, our production and services are conducted in adherence to our strict quality program. Customers can be assured that should technical assistance be required, it will be provided by the scientists who designed the products and understand it the best.
    • Over 30,000 custom antibodies provided to customers worldwide since 2004
    • HUPO’s major antibody partner (Human Protein Atlas project)
    • Large facility with 4,000 animal cages in well-controlled rooms (at 500 SPF)
    • Qualified scientists with years of research experience
    • Strict quality control maintained by the Young In Frontier Quality Management System (YQMS)
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