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Advanced Biotechnologies Inc.

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Advanced Biotechnologies Inc. Products

  • Advanced Biotechnologies Available through Cedarlane

    Primary Product Categories

    • Antiviral Antibodies
    • Blood Products
    • Concentrated Infectious Agents
    • Immunoassay Stabilizer
    • Purified Inactivated Agents
    • Purified Infectious Agents
    • qDNA
    • Quantitated PCR Controls
    • Quantitated RNA Controls
  • Since 1982, ABI has been The Virology Resource Center™, producing and supplying innovative virology products and services to researchers and manufacturers worldwide. Through research and development in new production and purification techniques, we work to provide investigators with the materials that they need to research the viral threats that affect our world today.

    With a facility capable of accommodating from 10 to 600 liters of suspension cell culture, and 5 to 500 grams of cell pack for adherent cell cultures, we are well-suited to offer a wide range of standard and custom products and services. Working from well-defined protocols, we employ experts in virology, mass cell culture, and centrifugal separation/purification to successfully propagate and purify high-quality custom virus preparations. In addition to a wide range of standard products, we offer a variety of custom services to assist you in your research needs.
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