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In vitro solutions for in vivo results

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    Product Highlight

    • NeuroHTS
    • The first-in-class high-throughput in vitro platform for neuronal network formation and screening
    • 3000 neurons and 120 single axon replicates per sample
    • Generate high-quality, reproducible results faster
    • Compatible with industrial automation solutions such as liquid handlers and plate imagers
    • Improve standardization, efficiency, reproducibility, and reliability
    • Reduce and replace animal experiments with more human-relevant models
  • News

    Ananda Devices and Cedarlane Labs sign distribution collaboration to supply high throughput devices for neuronal screening across North America

    – Ananda Devices and Cedarlane Labs announced today that the two companies have entered a collaboration to distribute nervous system on-a-chip platforms for single assays, NeuroDeviceTM, and for high throughput assays, NeuroHTSTM. This collaboration will ensure that all academic and industrial researchers based in Canada and in the US will have rapid access to these essential tools to automate neuronal in vitro assays to accelerate research and development. Read more.

  • Ananda Devices is a biotech company specialized in in vitro assay developments. Leveraging our proprietary nano-organization technology, we have developed physiologically relevant in vitro models that generate predicative responses early on in the compound development processes, thereby accelerating compound discovery and de-risking key developmental investments.

    Our nervous on-a-chip technology enables clients to perform drug screening, toxicity and efficacy testing up to 50x faster and 90% more cost-effective. We have 20+ years of experience in neuroscience and tissue engineering, and we have been a developer of unique devices to grow brain, spinal cord and innervated skin models for clients in 12 countries.

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