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  • Combine HTRF Technology with the power of your plate reader, and never wash a plate again.

    HTRF technology by Cisbio provides a simple, homogeneous, add-and-read protocol that eliminates wash steps for faster results with any throughput. Well-known as a leading technology for high-throughput screening, the usability and time savings experienced with any HTRF assay will change the way you work.

    With an ever-expanding portfolio of cell-based and biochemical assays, Cisbio offers a broad array of smart tools to accelerate your research. Cisbio’s product portfolio includes assays for:

    • GPCRs – from second messengers to ligand binding
    • Cell Signaling – total and phosphoprotein assays
    • Biomarkers & Cytoklines – TNFα, IL2, IL8, IL10, Glucagon, Aldosterone, and many more
    • Kinases – universal assays to evaluate kinase activity
    • Epigenetics – understand and measure epigenetic modifications
    • Biotherapeutics – antibody screening and characterizationCISBIO HTRF Technology
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