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  • Founded in 1973 by two entrepreneurs, Edelstein Diversified Company Limited has been supplying ECHOtape pressure sensitive tape products to diverse industrial markets for over 35 years. With multiple locations across North America, we continue to exceed customer expectations for service, selection and quality of products. 

    Our “Stick with Us” philosophy serves as the foundation of our approach and has fostered customer loyalty in over 75 industries. In fact, we continue to serve some of our very first customers 35 years later! 

    We are committed to developing successful business relationships. 

    Our highly trained Sales and Client Service teams provide technical expertise and truly understand the unique elements of each application. This knowledge allows us to offer a comprehensive product and service approach, embracing specific rather than generic solutions. 

    We recognize that your time is valuable and strongly believe that you deserve to speak to us directly, not to our voicemails. Our commitment is to have qualified staff members readily available to address your inquiries. 

    We maintain the same values and principles on which our company was founded by acting with integrity. We take pride in the fact that you will receive the best total value you deserve.

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