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  • METAFORA biosystems is a biotechnology company dedicated to developing the use of RBDs which are ligands of nutrient transporters. Our tools are able to reveal subtle quantitative changes in cell physiology that are the reflection of metabolic variations induced by drugs, genetic mutations, cell culture conditions, disease etc. This technology has multiple competitive advantages in different segments of the biomarker market. METAFORA biosystems is launching a first series of kits to address thepre-clinical research market.

    The development of the company (launched in March 2011), is structured in two phases; the first is focused on in vitro applications such as the discovery and development of new drug candidates (efficacy read-out, predictive toxicology), and the functional quality control of cells used in regenerative medicine. Dedicated products and custom solutions will come to meet the needs of these important application fields shortly. Ongoing developments are centered on R&D programs for clinical diagnostics.

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