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  • Oxford Expression Technologies (OET) emerged from a collaboration between Oxford Brookes University and the Natural Environment Research Council and is based in Oxford, England. OET specializes in products, services and consultancy for baculovirus protein expression and has quickly become a world renowned centre of excellence.

    OET are manufacturers and suppliers of the proprietary flashBAC technology. flashBAC is the fastest baculovirus protein expression system in the market. It is genetically optimized for producing 100% recombinant virus in a single step by eliminating the need for plaque purification. The genetic optimizations not only prevent parental virus from replicating, but also significantly increases protein yield.

    OET has also developed various applications for One Step Baculovirus Protein Expression - a new baculovirus expression technology simplified and designed for automated and high throughput systems.

    RAPID - One step procedure, saves time!
    SIMPLE - suitable for production of single/multiple viruses
    FLEXIBLE - for use with manual and automated methods
    HIGHER - increasing the yields of
    YIELD difficult to express proteins

     Baculovirus Titration

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