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  • When Vector Laboratories was founded more than 30 years ago, monoclonal antibodies, biotin-avidin products or lines of lectins were not available in the marketplace. In 1976, we purified the first line of lectins and quickly became the world’s leading supplier of these products for use in studying glycoconjugates in tissues, on cells, or isolated from fluids or extracts. In our second year we introduced the Biotin-Avidin System. Realizing that the strong interaction between biotin and avidin could be utilized to form nearly covalent linkages between a molecule derivatized with biotin and avidin conjugated with a detectable label, we provided the research community with the first set of Biotin-Avidin System reagents. These first products, consisting of biotinylated proteins and avidin conjugates, began a revolution in detection methods. Our biotinylated anti-mouse immunoglobulin and labeled avidin proved to be the most widely used reagents for detecting and characterizing monoclonal antibodies. After several years, other companies recognized their importance and began offering their own versions of these products. More than twenty years ago, we developed and patented processes that enabled complexes between avidin or streptavidin and biotinylated enzymes, designated ABC’s, to be formed. This achievement established the basis for the VECTASTAIN®ABC family of products. While other detection systems produced faint or diffuse staining in tissue sections and required high concentrations of primary antibodies, the VECTASTAIN®ABC system gave dark, discrete, background-free staining with extremely low concentrations of primary anti-bodies. Improvements over the years led to the VECTASTAIN®Elite ABC - widely recognized today as the most sensitive, reliable and economical peroxidase-based staining system available. After several years of development we introduced the ImmPRESS™ Reagents. These new reagents are not based on biotin/avidin technology but rely on a novel method of polymerizing peroxidase "micropolymers" directly to secondary antibodies.

    Expanding on our expertise in non-radioisotopic detection methods, we have developed new and improved ways of labeling nucleic acid probes. PHOTOPROBE®Biotin is used to randomly label any nucleic acid with biotin. The FastTag®labeling system allows nucleic acid to be easily and economically labeled with any marker. The 3’ EndTag™ and 5’ EndTag™ system provide simple methods to label only the ends of nucleic acid probes.

    Remaining focused on our goal of providing the most innovative detection systems, over the years we have introduced fusion protein isolation systems, novel enzyme substrates, neuronal tracers, mounting media, streptavidin products, lectins with unique specificities, many ultrapure immunological reagents, and a variety of compounds for labeling, isolating and detecting proteins, carbohydrates and nucleic acids. We also continue to offer a series of important monoclonal antibodies for immunohistochemical applications.

    Vector Laboratories’ major objectives have always been to produce only reagents of the highest quality, to have an accessible technical staff to ensure prompt and personal assistance in the use of these reagents, and to develop products which would provide significant advances over current technologies. We never compromise our high standards of product purity and performance for the sake of expediency. Every item in our catalog is produced with a strong emphasis on quality control to ensure a consistently reliable product. If any change in a product is made, it is only to improve its performance.

    Each of our products is accompanied by a specification sheet which includes analytical data on the specific lot and other pertinent information. Current references and information concerning the most recent applications for our reagents are available. We have included a business reply card in the back of the catalog which you may complete and return to us if you would like to receive additional information regarding a specific topic. Much of the technical information for our products, including material safety data sheets (MSDS), is available on our website.

    Vector Laboratories is not only committed to producing reagents for your present needs but also recognizes that the development of new products is necessary for continued success. The products included in this catalog reflect that commitment. We hope to satisfy the needs you may have tomorrow with the reagents we are developing today. Through a combination of our diligence and your scrutiny, our products will remain unmatched in quality and performance and continue to be the standards by which others are measured.

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