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Custom Antisera

CEDARLANE® manufactures Complement, Lympholyte® cell separation media, cell purification Immunocolumns and a wide range of Antibodies. Also, CEDARLANE® continues to offer our Custom Antibody Services.



  • CEDARLANE’s cellect™ Immunocolumn kits are simple, rapid, affinity chromatography tools for the gentle, non-magnetic enrichment of immune cell populations in humans, mice and rats. By the process of negative selection, virtually all unwanted cells are removed by the immunocolumns, resulting in a highly enriched population of the desired cells in the eluent. This process ensures that the isolated cells are unaltered and fully viable. The kits are in a sterile, ready-to use format with quality controlled columns and reagents.

    CEDARLANE’s cellect™ Immunocolumn kits INCLUDE Lympholyte® (our density separation medium which eliminates erythrocytes, dead cells and debris from spleen, lymph node, thymus, bone marrow and blood suspensions), PBS and Lysing Buffer.

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Custom Antibody Services

CEDARLANE® manufactures complement, Lympholyte® cell separation media, cell purification immunocolumns, neuronal cell lines and a wide range of antibodies. CEDARLANE® continues to offer our Custom Antibody Services and increased demand has lead to the continued expansion of our facility. We understand the varied nature of custom work and encourage you to call our qualified staff to discuss the details of your project. Please inquire about other services not listed. Be assured that we at CEDARLANE® are dedicated to ensuring the confidentiality of all projects we discuss.