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CEDARLANE® manufactures Complement, Lympholyte® cell separation media, cell purification Immunocolumns and a wide range of Antibodies. Also, CEDARLANE® continues to offer our Custom Antibody Services.



  • Description

    CDCrel-1/Septin 5 (Sept5) belongs to the Septin family of nucleotide binding GTPases. Septins were originally described in yeast as cell division cycle regulatory proteins involved in cytokinesis and the regulation of cytoskeletal organization. Sept5 is expressed in cells of the nervous system and is seen to associate primarily with vesicles and membranes through its interaction with the SNARE domain of syntaxin 1A. Through its interaction with syntaxin 1A Sept5 acts to inhibit exocytosis, possibly by regulating vesicle targeting and/or fusion. Recently it was shown that Sept5 is phosphorylated by cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (Cdk5) – p35 decreasing it’s binding to syntaxin 1A. This suggests that Cdk5 can modulate synaptic vesicle release by regulating the interactions between Sept5 and syntaxin 1A.

    Immunofluorescence Analysis

    Purified Anti-Human CDCrel-1/Septin 5 (CL2708AP) staining of paraformaldehyde-fixed paraffin-embedded human cerebellum sections at 400x magnification with DAPI counterstain. (Mouse anti-human CDCrel-1/Septin 5 (CL2708AP) 1:500; Alexa Fluor 488 Goat anti-mouse 1:500 (Molecular Probes) and Normal Goat Serum (blocking))
  • References

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Custom Antibody Services

CEDARLANE® manufactures complement, Lympholyte® cell separation media, cell purification immunocolumns, neuronal cell lines and a wide range of antibodies. CEDARLANE® continues to offer our Custom Antibody Services and increased demand has lead to the continued expansion of our facility. We understand the varied nature of custom work and encourage you to call our qualified staff to discuss the details of your project. Please inquire about other services not listed. Be assured that we at CEDARLANE® are dedicated to ensuring the confidentiality of all projects we discuss.