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CEDARLANE® manufactures Complement, Lympholyte® cell separation media, cell purification Immunocolumns and a wide range of Antibodies. Also, CEDARLANE® continues to offer our Custom Antibody Services.



  • Description

    Synaptophysin is a 38 KDa synaptic vesicle (SV) glycoprotein containing four transmembrane domains. It is present in SVs of the neuroendocrine system, brain, spinal cord, retina, adrenal medulla and at neuromuscular junctions. synaptophysin acts as a maker for neuroedocrine tumours and has been used to study the distribution of synapses within the brain due to its ubiquity at these regions.

    Although the exact function of synaptophysin is still unknown, several lines of evidence suggest it may have multiple important roles in SV exo and endocytosis. These include regulation of SNARE assembly, fusion pore formation initiating neurotransmitter release and activation of SV endocytosis. Additionally, it is thought that synaptophysin may have an important role in SV biogenesis.

    Immunofluorescence Analysis

    Purified Anti-Human Synaptophysin (CL2702AP) staining of paraformaldehyde-fixed paraffin-embedded human cerebellum sections at 200x (A) and 400x (B) magnification with DAPI counterstain. (Mouse anti-human Synaptophysin (CL2702AP) 1:500; Alexa Fluor 488 Goat anti-mouse 1:500 (Molecular Probes) and Normal Goat Serum (blocking))
Product Name: Anti-human synaptophysin, Alexa Fluor594, (clone SP15), (Mouse IgM)
100 ug
Unit Price:
$535.00 CDN
Product Name: Anti-human synaptophysin, Purified, (clone SP15), (Mouse IgM)
Unit Price:
$570.00 CDN
  • References

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Custom Antibody Services

CEDARLANE® manufactures complement, Lympholyte® cell separation media, cell purification immunocolumns, neuronal cell lines and a wide range of antibodies. CEDARLANE® continues to offer our Custom Antibody Services and increased demand has lead to the continued expansion of our facility. We understand the varied nature of custom work and encourage you to call our qualified staff to discuss the details of your project. Please inquire about other services not listed. Be assured that we at CEDARLANE® are dedicated to ensuring the confidentiality of all projects we discuss.