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  • Cell Lines

    Cell lines have an innate value when used to investigate the pathophysiology and to screen for potential therapeutic targets of a variety of diseases and disorders in biological systems. CELLutions is currently marketing several novel cell line platforms which have diverse utility in a variety of academic and commercial research programs. Please let us know if you have additional cell lines you are interested in commercializing or are looking for a specific cell line to serve your research needs.

    CELLutions goal is to provide novel and useful research products to provide a profound impact on a variety of research programs. Currently, CELLutions has developed a core competency in the commercialization of cell lines, enzymes, and molecular biology reagents.

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    Coming Soon

    We have a number or products in our catalog currently and are in the process of adding several exciting categories. If you would like more information about new products and services or to be on our list for updates as we add more information to this site, please send a note to info@cellutionsbiosystems.com and you will be added to our mailing list.