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qPCR Master Mix - Get a FREE Primer Set with any order of Master Mix!

AzuraQuant™ Green Fast qPCR Master Mixes

The AzuraQuant™ Green Fast qPCR Mix is a ready-to-use 2x master mix for use in real-time quantitative PCR assays in which intercalating dye-based detection provides the option of a post amplification melt profile. The system contains Vivid-Green™ dye, a novel fluorescent DNA-binding dye which produces minimal PCR inhibition and greater fluorescence upon binding to double stranded DNA than SYBR® Green I.

The AzuraQuant™ Green Fast qPCR Mix contains Azura HS Taq DNA Polymerase, an optimized buffer chemistry, and a proprietary DNA-binding dye providing robust real-time PCR with earlier quantification cycle values (Ct) and broad range detection for increased sensitivity, speed, reliability and reproducibility. The AzuraQuant™ Green Fast qPCR Mix requires little if any optimization and can be used to quantify any DNA templates including cDNA, genomic DNA, and low copy viral targets.

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