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Consolidate Suppliers & Save

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    Decrease administration & sourcing time with Cedarlane − instant access to over 1400 industry-leading global suppliers


    One Purchase Order
    No Hidden Fees
    Lowest shipping costs


    With Cedarlane you have access to the one of the World’s largest offerings of Life Science products.

    There are many ways in which customers experience significant savings by working with Cedarlane as a single source for all your research needs. Our Consolidate and Save™ program will reduce the costs associated with administrative resources generating individual purchase orders for each supplier. With one purchase order and access to hundreds of suppliers, there is only one package/shipment to handle for internal distribution, one invoice/shipment and only one currency for payment. This streamlining of administration also helps you to reduce the costs associated with setting up and maintaining individual vendors in your system and the costs associated to processing numerous orders and invoices from many vendors.

    Cedarlane is a Manufacturer and Distributor of Everything Life Science, including:

    • Biochemicals & Chemicals
    • Antibodies
    • Cytokines & Growth Factors
    • Toxins & Inhibitors
    • Other Proteins & Peptides
    • Primary & Stem Cells
    • Cell Lines
    • Cell Culture Media & Antibiotics
    • Transfection Reagents
    • 3D Cell Culture
    • Real-Time Cell Analysis
    • Microbiology & Virology
    • Molecular Biology
    • Sample Prep & Clean-Up Kits
    • PCR Enzymes & Reagents
    • Pathology & Histology Supplies
    • Lab Animal Diets & Enrichment
    • ELISA & RIA Assay Kits
    • Microarrays & Multiplex Assays
    • Flow Cytometry & Cell Counters
    • Electron/Light Microscopy Tools
    • Human & Animal Diagnostic Tests
    • …and many more!
  • Ordering more than one product at a time?

    Visit our promotions page to see current offers, or contact our sales team at sales@cedarlanelabs.com to have a quote issued to better optimize your savings!
  • Click to download an updated PDF or EXCEL Consolidate Suppliers & Save listing (Canada)

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