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Innovating the Future of Biomanufacturing

Save 10% on the entire Invitria product line when you purchase 3 or more items on the same PO!

InVitria is a leader in developing and commercializing animal-free cell culture supplements and reagents used in biomanufacturing, cell culture, biopharmaceutical formulation, life science research, medical devices and diagnostics. Our products are produced using cGMP standards without animal components so customers can be confident in the quality and consistency. InVitria's product line includes:

- Recombinant Albumin

- Recombinant Transferrin

- Recombinant Lactoferrin

- Recombinant Lysozyme

- Recombinant Insulin

- Transferrin Supplements

InVitria’s animal-free cell culture media supplements eliminate the need for animal derived components and improve the performance of animal-free, chemically-defined media. Mammalian cell culture has become more complex for cell culture scientists due primarily to the move away from animal derived components and poor performance of animal-free, chemically-defined media. The need for a defined, consistent, animal-free media solution is needed now more than ever.

InVitria has developed a line of recombinant, animal-free cell culture media supplements specifically designed to maximize cell culture performance while maintaining an animal-free culture system. These recombinant supplements are produced in an animal-free system (See ExpressTec) ensuring consistency with none of the lot-to-lot variation common in other media supplements.

Research confirms that InVitria’s cell culture media supplements are well-defined and consistent for cell line development and use in the biomanufacturing industry. They eliminate the problems caused by animal derived components as well as chemically-defined media.

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