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  • AB Vector, founded in 2001, is a leader in the design and development of novel vectors facilitating protein folding. We are the only suppliers of a higher eukaryotic expression system synthesizing ensembles of molecular chaperones at the levels capable of assisting the proper folding of abundantly expressed foreign proteins. Alan Schwartz, PhD, MBA, joined the company in 2003. He is responsible for licensing for AB Vector. Dr. Schwartz, a medicinal chemist by training, worked at Hoffmann-LaRoche for 14 years in a variety of pharmaceutical R&D positions. For the past 5 years, he has been representing the commercial interests of Sweden's Karolinska Institute through their research technology company, Karolinska Innovations AB. Peter L. Pingerelli, Ph.D. joined the company in 2004 to organize and promote the commercialization of these novel reagents. Dr. Pingerelli is a protein chemist and NMR spectroscopist by training. He has been a senior manager at research reagent companies and has a 14-year successful track record in business development, new product development, sales and marketing, and management in the Biotech industry.

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