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Advansta Corporation.

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Advansta Corporation. Products

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  • Advansta's focus is developing solutions to precisely characterize molecular events that occur in cells. Their products are based on the following principles:

    • Quantitation of cellular events that occur in parallel
    • Real time, direct measurement of intracellular molecular dynamics
    • Functional analysis of disease states and drug candidates

    Advansta is building a portfolio of products that interrogate gene expression and protein activity in cellular systems. Their approach is to develop products that are robust and that measure molecular events. Advansta’s products are used by molecular biologists, proteomics researchers and other research scientists to perform test-assays and research in many fields from medical, biotechnology and marine biology to food and agriculture technology as well as forensic and environmental sciences, where life scientists have come to depend upon the outstanding quality and reliability of our reagents.


    • WesternBright ECL - Enhanced sensitivity (Use 2 - 10X less primary antibody), long lasting signal (6h), stable at room temperature for over a year
    • WesternBright Quantum - Large dynamic range allows for detection and analysis of both strong and weak bands on the same blot.
    • WesternBright Sirius - Advansta's Most Sensitive Substrate; Excellent for detecting very low-abundance proteins not detected by other substrates

    Free samples of the these reagents are available upon request. Contact us at tech@cedarlanelabs.com to request yours today!

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