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  • Air-Tite Products Co., Inc. is licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia to sell to medical and veterinary professionals, industrial applications and other approved purchasers of hypodermic products. We cannnot sell to individuals for their personal use. If you do not already have an account established you must call us at 800-231-7762 with your DEA number, FEIN, State Corporation number or State Certificate of Use number. Please do not submit an order unless you have a preapproved, established account.

    Air-Tite Products has been supplying the Veterinary, Human Health, and Laboratory market with high quality disposable and reusable hypodermic products since 1926. We represent a vast array of International Manufacturers of medical products such as Henke Sass Wolf (Germany), Terumo Medical Products (USA), TSK Laboratory (Japan), Becton Dickinson (USA), Misawa Medical (Japan), Poulten & Graf (Germany), Exel International (USA), Bemis Healthcare (USA) and many others.

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