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Alfagene, Inc.

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  • AlfaGene BioScience is a prime source of genomics and proteomics products for biopharmaceutical industries and research institutions. We also offer customized services for drug discovery and clinical research applications.

    AlfaGene BioScience offers innovative products and services for Genomics and Proteomics research. Our team specializes in isolating high quality Endotoxin Free Plasmid DNA (small and large quantity - mg/gram) suitable for transfection, vaccination or clinical trial applications.

    We have developed a unique drug screening model utilizing a panel of Stem Cells (Primary Human Cells) from various parts of GI Tract. Primary Human GI Tract Cells are isolated from normal and diseased individuals and propagated in our in-house proprietary culture media. Our proprietary GI Tract Primary Human Cells can be used for target identification drug screening applications.

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