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  • Efforts Made to Assure Quality

    In arigo, we mean quality and make it our first priority. To this end, we screen our antibodies and validate them with strict controls to determine the specificity of our products. Our scientists perform experiments using highly optimized biochemical treatments to induce specific protein expressions. To test the specificity of our antibodies against phosphorylated targets, we perform phosphatase treatment on our cell line samples as negative controls. With these and many other validation methods, researchers can be confident that our products will match or exceed your research expectations. Read more about how arigo is committed to giving you 100% guarantee assurance here.

    Principles of Antibody Duos Target Selection

    We select targets for our antibody duos based on the needs of researchers working on topics spanning different research areas. Our target selection team thoroughly analyze the research frontier and cooperate with scientists worldwide, to bring out cutting edge solutions in the timeliest manner. Our team members constantly discuss and challenge each other to ensure that all the selected targets are elite and helpful to the research community.

    Cost Effective Product Size

    Our products come in a cost-effective 50μl and a conventional 100μl packaging to suit the needs of most researchers. Why pay more if you only need a small amount of antibodies for your experiments? This convenient size allows you to test our quality antibodies on your experiments at an affordable price before placing order for larger volumes later.

    About Our Technical Support

    We guarantee quality products and excellent customer service. Our multi-lingual expert scientists are always here to assist you with any questions that you may have regarding our products or guide you through simple troubleshooting steps if a product does not perform in your experiments as according to the datasheet. Through our products, we aim to provide our customers with the best scientific tools to get quality results and papers published.

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Still Need More Help?

If you have sales questions relative to particular products or to your line of research, please contact the CEDARLANE® sales department and have all of your questions answered in a timely and professional manner.