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  • AROTEC Diagnostics Limited has been producing and delivering the highest quality, critical components to the autoimmune diagnostic industry since its incorporation in 1996. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, AROTEC has grown over the years to become a valued and trusted supplier of premium reagents to both IVD companies and research and academic groups around the world. AROTEC is a quality-driven business and is ISO 9001:2015 certified. AROTEC specialises in protein purification with a current focus on autoimmune disease antigens and antibodies. We produce high purity diagnostic reagents with exceptional lot-to-lot consistency. Our minimum specification for autoantigen purity is 90%, with 95-99% purity for most AROTEC antigens, achieved through meticulous chromatographic refinement and polishing. AROTEC offers analytical (a few milligrams) to bulk (approaching grams) volumes of protein. Product lots can be reserved for established customers and held under storage in our 24/7 monitored ultra-low temperature freezers, free of charge for up to 2 years.

    Highlighted products:

    • Native Antigens (Animal Derived)
    • Native Antigens (Human Blood)
    • Recombinant Antigens
    • Antibodies
    • Custom Reagents & Services

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