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  • In the Company's elegant solution to the problems of gold sol technology and gold-sol-based rapid assays, BioAssay Works has taken nanoparticle chemistry to the level of art.

    Gold nanoparticles so small they appear intensely red and remain suspended in water serve as the core component that enables rapid assays (point-of-care, POC, assays) to detect minute traces of important substances. To accomplish this feat, nano-gold particles (gold sol) must be coated with appropriate receptors that react specifically with the molecules to be detected.

    BioAssay Works was organized for the purpose of creating the gold sols used in ultra-sensitive rapid diagnostic tests.

    Benefits to the customer include:
    - Customers who manufacture their own diagnostic products will find that the 15 to 50 OD formulations significantly improve their process and reproducibility, while reducing costs. 
    - Improved reproducibility of all rapid diagnostic products 
    - Reduced waste of gold particles and precious antibodies and antigens 
    - Reduced laboratory and production costs, leading to increased profits 

    BioAssay Works is focused on antibody-based and antigen-based detection technologies, and on their application in lateral-flow immunoassay for both instrumented and visually-read tests. The company holds substantial trade-secret-protected intellectual property—especially in production of unique, high-sensitivity, concentrated gold sols and gold conjugates. The company holds a patent for its C-FLAT® lateral-flow test platform. 

    Founders include leaders in the immunoassay field and in related technologies. The company has become the assay-development partner-of-choice for many established players in the rapid-assay industry. Based on the demonstrable superiority of tests developed by BioAssay Works, the company's scientists have earned a world-class reputation. 

    BioAssay Works brings laboratory-based, ELISA-like sensitivity to rapid-format, lateral-flow assays, while maintaining field-use product durability and simplicity. The combination of proprietary nanoparticle technology, patented assay platform, and extensive assay-development experience enables the company to meet the objectives of its clients. 

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