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Biogelx Ltd.

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  • Click here to download the Biogelx Powder – Preparation and Guidelines for Use.

    Biogelx designs and supplies a family of tunable peptide hydrogels that mimic the behavior of the body’s tissues and organs, creating new opportunities for cell biology applications.

    Product technology

    Biogelx hydrogels are made up of simple, short, yet biologically relevant peptides. Our patented technology allows you to control precisely the assembly of these peptide molecules to vary the stiffness of the gel. The ability to create gels of varying stiffness and chemical composition means that the matrix can be tuned to replicate the exact environment your cells need to grow, develop and thrive in a realistic in vivo manner.

    The gels are entirely animal-free, delivering a consistent uniformity. They offer a nanoscale fiber size with at least 99% water content. This replicates an in vivo environment for cells and allows, for example, the development of patient-specific, cell-based bench top systems.

    How the gels work

    • Supplied as a lyophilized peptide powder.
    • Rehydrate with water to achieve pre-gel solution.
    • Add to a cell culture well plate, along with the cell media of your choice.
    • Cell media encourages fibers to lock, giving desired gel stiffness controlled by you.
    • Cells can be cultured inside the gel (3D culture) or on top after addition of cell culture media (2D culture).
    • Protocols for product handling available.

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