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Biokey American Instrument Inc.

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  • Our Mission

    Using our expertise to support life science researchers with leading edge technologies and high performance products.

    Company History

    In 1994 a company, Biokey American Instruments, was created in Portland, Oregon near the campus of Oregon Health & Science University. Late in 2006 after relocation to California, a company name change led to Biokeystone for broader coverage of biotechnologies and product lines.

    Biokeystone has been conducting its operation without advertisement for sixteen years because we believe that the quality is the key for success. By amazing quality performance and word of mouth among Biokeystone users, we have gained product recognition and steady sales in the research community from coast to coast in US and then international (now more and more sales are international by partnership of Biokeystone's international distributors). The quality speaks: Within over 4000 units of equipments sold, only 2 unit was returned and 5 units were replaced, which establishes the confidence of Biokeystone to accept any returns for any reason without asking question or requiring return-authorization.

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