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Biomatrica, Inc.

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  • Biomatrica® has developed a novel core technology designed to prevent the degradation of complex samples, reagents and assays during transport, storage and processing, thus allowing scientists to:

    - obtain more reproducible and reliable experimental results 
    - increase efficiency and confidence 
    - decrease time needed to obtain results 

    Our current products stabilize nucleic acids and prevent degradation without the need for cold storage:

    DNA SampleMatrix® 
    CloneStable™ for bacterial DNA 

    Biomatrica also currently offers the following solutions to leverage and complement the stabilization product portfolio:

    PCRboost™, an enhancing reagent for end-point and reverse transcription-PCR. 
    SampleWare® software, an easy-to-use, customizable laboratory management database to store and organize sample data. 

    Biomatrica's products are expected to improve research within a broad scope of laboratories involved in life sciences research, healthcare diagnostics, drug development and forensics.

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