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  • Bio X Cell has been supplying the research community for over 20 years with bulk amounts of monoclonal antibodies. It is Bio X Cell’s commitment to provide highest quality monoclonal antibodies at lowest prices for in-vitro and in-vivo preclinical animal studies

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    Bio X Cell understands the strict quality criteria required for such studies and the financial limitations faced by many researchers. Bio X cell’s antibodies are:

    • Ultra-low in endotoxin
    • No Azide, other preservatives or protein stabilizers
    • InVivoPlus is free of murine pathogens
    • Protein aggregates < 5%
    • Highly competitive prices

    Bio X Cell’s portfolio of antibodies, including isotype controls, features the most relevant and best researched antibodies on the market. Bio X Cell also offers custom antibody production/purification services.

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