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  • In the late 1970s, lab technicians were just beginning to explore the application we now call MOHS, a technique for orienting excised tissue from tumors with the aid of dye. At that time, formal dyes that provided good adherence through processing were not available. Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing provided blue, mercurochrome provided an acceptable red and India ink was used for black. Dr. Terence Davidson (UCSD) and Bradley Products, Inc. worked together to develop a collection of dyes in different colors. After testing hundreds of samples, materials of high quality were identified. The original full complement of five colors — green, yellow, black, red and blue — became available. In 1984, these became known as The Davidson Marking System®. Most recently, orange and violet dyes have been added. We continue to optimize these dyes as well as search for additional colors.

    It has now been nearly 30 years since Bradley Products introduced The Davidson Marking System®. These high quality tissue marking dyes enjoy wide acceptance in hospitals, clinics and research facilities around the world.

    The Davidson® dyes are visible, reliable and safe. While the dyes were originally developed and continue to have importance for orienting tissue, many other applications have employed their use as well. They are useful for both frozen and fresh tissue processing and can be used to process multiple specimens in a single cassette so as to better distinguish between specimens. This makes them both efficient and economical.

    Bradley Products has recently introduced two new products. The Davidson® Cryocup® System will revolutionize frozen section processing, simplifying and speeding up the preparation of specimens. The Davidson® Small Specimen Kit solves the increasingly common problem of tracking small specimens during histologic preparation. Both products have been developed jointly by Bradley Products and Dr. Davidson in response to needs identified by those in the medical laboratory community.

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