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Capricorn Products Inc.

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Capricorn Products Inc.

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  • Capricorn Products LLC of Portland, Maine was formed in 1993 and has established itself within the in-vitro diagnostic industry as a leading global provider for immunodiagnostic reagents. 

    Distinguishing itself as both a manufacturer and distributor of immunodiagnostic reagents Capricorn has clients spanning ~30 countries worldwide and is proud to include some of the industry's leading test-kit manufacturers, distributors, and researchers. Such customers are testimony to Capricorn possessing expert technical knowledge, comprehensive development capabilities, consistent high quality finished product, and dependability as a vendor. 

    Specifically, Capricorn is widely recognized for:
    • In-depth production knowledge of customized polyclonal and monoclonal antibody reagents
    • Extensive contract manufacturing capabilities
    • High and consistent quality of manufactured and distributed products
    • Large lot production capacity
    • Extraordinary commitment to its clients
    • ISO 9001 certification
    • Exceptional quality & productivity of goat herd
    • USDA-registered and USDA-compliant animal facility
    Capricorn's capabilities and track record are based upon its people. The company's senior staff cumulatively represents more than 100 years of industry related experience within the in vitro diagnostic field including a wide range of technical expertise, product development, quality control, and manufacturing, coupled with a foundation of seasoned business management. It is the extensive background of its people that enables Capricorn's professional staff to understand the demands of the industry it serves, the needs of its clients, the technology, and the absolute importance of quality and consistency.

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