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  • CELLutions has its roots in academia. Founded by the University of Toronto Innovations Foundation and a variety of scientific and financial partners early in 2002, CELLutions recognized the need to harness the innate utility of exciting technologies developed by research laboratories on campuses across North America. As such, CELLutions committed to seeking out ground-breaking research tools developed by academic scientists. By working closely with technology transfer offices across the continent, CELLutions is in touch with many of the world's cutting-edge research programs, focusing on the development of disruptive technologies. CELLutions has established long-standing, credible relationships with some of the world's most prominent biopharmaceutical organizations to evaluate the road-blocks in the discovery and development of new treatment approaches in a variety of therapeutic areas, and in doing so is able to identify research tools with the highest potential to impact industry. These two components of CELLutions model places it in a unique position within the biotechnology industry. 

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