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  • Cellogel Electrophoresis Co. originates from the industrial research activities of Dr G.B. Del Campo who established the company Chemetron, specialised in chromatography and electrophoresis, immediately after graduating in 1958. In the same year Dr Del Campo set up the company Chemetron Chimica which specialised in the production of kits for clinical chemistry analysis of blood, urine, etc. The two companies operated for 13 years (1958-1971), without Italian or european competitors, in the field of clinical chemistry.
    Chemetron’s most important success of was the invention of Cellogel, patented internationally by Dr Del Campo in 1963 and distributed in 36 countries worldwide. Cellogel was, in fact, the product favoured both by researchers and by users who utilised it for routine analyses. The success of Cellogel was totally due to the numerous applications proposed by Dr Del Campo’s research staff.

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