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  • Cerilliant is dedicated to producing and providing high quality certified reference standards and certified components for test kits – it is all we do. We have been serving the needs of the analytical testing community for 30 years and are equipped to handle virtually any reference standard, spiking solution, or test kit need. Our team of experts includes numerous PhDs and advance-degreed specialists in science, manufacturing, and quality control, all of whom have a passion for the work they do, thrive in our collaborative atmosphere which values innovative thinking, and approach each day committed to delivering products and service second to none. 

    Cerilliant offers a full range of high quality products and services that address the stringent and complex requirements of the most demanding clients. We serve a diverse group of customers including private and government laboratories, research institutes, analytical instrument and medical device manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies and CRO’s — organizations that require reference materials of the highest quality, whether they’re conducting forensic drug testing, clinical toxicology analysis, therapeutic drug monitoring, environmental analysis, pharmaceutical research, or developing new testing apparatus. But we do more than just conduct science on their behalf. We make science smarter. We deliver what our customers need, but never settle for the status quo. We create products that are based on solid, proven scientific principles, but never stop searching for new approaches and better solutions. 

    At Cerilliant, we believe good chemistry is more than just a process in the lab. It’s also about creating long-term partnerships based on high quality and exceptional service.

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