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  • Chimerx is a leading manufacturer of the highest quality reagents available to investigators in various fields of biotechnology research. Since 1992, Chimerx has been producing the highest quality biochemical, reagents and nucleic acid extraction and purification kits available to the life science community.

    Chimerx is dedicated to supporting discovery in numerous areas of life science research by constantly expanding its product portfolio by developing cutting-edge products. With a foundation of highly educated and trained scientific staff, Chimerx currently offers over 200 products.

    Their fields of expertise include:

    • Fermentation
    • Cell Culture of Mammalian and Insect Cells and Human Cells
    • Cloning
    • Protein Engineering
    • Chromatographic Separation and Purification
    • Amplification and Micro-detection Technologies

    Scientists at Chimerx conduct aggressive research, utilizing a balance of traditional and innovative strategies to produce the highest quality research reagents and kits available.

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