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  • Covertech has started up a blown film division and is now capable of extruding polyethylene film. We custom manufacture LLDPE, MDPE, LDPE for converter, commercial and industrial use. We also manufacture bags on rolls, shrink films, F.D.A approved film and coloured films. Film width from 16"-82" and thickness from .7-10.00 mil

    Established in 1990 as a cut and sew converter of woven polyethylene, Covertech has grown rapidly into a full scale, broad-based manufacturer of a wide variety of plastic related products. Covertech now produces a range of covering products including Pool Covers such as: Solar Blankets, Winter Covers, Spa Covers and Safety Covers as well as protective covers for the Agricultural, Construction, Turf Management and Landfill Management industries. 

    A second division has expanded to the packaging field where Covertech manufactures a range of protective packaging products including Bubble Roll Stock, Bubble Pouches, Anti-Static Bubble, Adhesive and Co-Adhesive Bubble and Bubble Mailers as well as specialty laminated products where Bubble or Foam are laminated to aluminum foil, kraft paper, polyethylene or other specified materials.

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