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  • De Novo Software has been developing flow cytometer data analysis solutions since 1998. Things began quite innocently, when the President and founder, David Novo, while doing research using flow cytometry, was looking for flow analysis software to use for his own analysis. There wasn’t a product that met his needs at that time. Being the resourceful person that he is, he set out to create his own. When he had completed his data analysis program, other people in his lab liked what they saw, and said that they would use his product if he would add a few new features. This is how FCS Express Version 1 was created.

    Now that the company was gaining a reputation in the flow cytometry community, companies and institutions began approaching David about creating custom solutions for their analysis procedures. With these successfully implemented solutions, De Novo Software had now become a leader in providing flow data analysis solutions. 

    Today, our flagship product, FCS Express, is world-renowned as a robust, and easy to use flow data analysis application. Our consulting division has much experience in implementing data analysis solutions, both in flow cytometry, and related fields.

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