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  • DIACRON INTERNATIONAL s.r.l is a company that produces and sells analytical instruments, kits and accessories for oxidative stress assessment in human, veterinary and agrifood fields.

    The company was founded in 2001 by Mauro Carratelli, the current President, whose vision was to allow the assessment of the oxidative stress in the clinical practice, available to every people involved in healthcare.

    The Panel Carratelli can be useful for doctors, biologists, pharmacists, chemists, nutritionist and all professionals in healthcare that can receive important information about health of human people and animals, to evaluate the pharmacological treatment’s effectiveness, to measure the antioxidant level of vegetable extract, etc… This information is fundamental for approaching the oxidative stress every day in its different implications and provide a specific solution with a good benefit-cost ratio.

    The Diacron International’s products are aimed at a large number of professionals that work in the fields of Official, Traditional, Alternative and Complementary Medicine, both public and private.

    The elective field of the Panel Carratelli is the research about free radicals, antioxidants and oxidative stress (scientific and technological research, preventive medicine, healthy aging, nutritionism, sports medicine, cardiology, neuro-psichiatry, diabetology, occupational medicine, quality and safety of agricultural, animal and food production, effectiveness of antioxidant formulation, etc…).

    The company develops also an intense activity in Research and Development that allowed many innovations for new kits and instruments.

    DIACRON INTERNATIONAL s. r. l. is a company BVQI certified.

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