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  • Diatec Monoclonals AS is a Norwegian biotechnology company producing and selling monoclonal antibodies for world-wide distribution. Founded in December 1988, Diatec Monoclonals started development and production of monoclonal antibodies using in vitro hollow fiber systems. Since then the company has experienced significant growth and in 1995 started the work establishing a platform for antibodies against CD markers. From 1996 Diatec Monoclonals has been situated in Oslo Innovation Centre, Norway, close to the University and National Hospitals, where medical research and industry are highly integrated. Now Diatec Monoclonals co-operates closely with several important players in the Life Science Industry.

    Diatec Monoclonals specialises in customised productions of antibodies, aiming to tailor customers' antibodies to their needs. Our long experience and competence in producing and processing antibodies, means that we are your best option for outsourcing production and conjugations of antibodies. Diatec Monoclonals also analyse and quality assure customers' valuable clones and make stock cell banks for production and storage in our liquid nitrogen tanks.

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