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  • DRG International, a global innovator of high-quality medical diagnostics and equipment, provides the medical and research community with cutting edge, effective tools to build a healthier future.

    DRG International, Inc., founded in 1970 is a multinational specialty medical equipment and diagnostics manufacturer and distributor with successful representation in over 110 countries through a network of DRG® Subsidiaries and local distributors. The highly skilled DRG® Staff of medical, clinical, marketing and service specialists are experienced in supplying cost effective innovative products and systems to our customers Worldwide.

    Located 18 miles West of New York City, DRG® Corporate Headquarters provides logistic and financial management support to DRG® Subsidiaries overseas and coordinates the DRG® distributor network. An experienced, multinational, multilingual staff is ready to serve your medical and diagnostic products needs Worldwide.
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