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  • Eichrom was founded in 1990 to commercialize chemical separation technology developed at Argonne National Laboratory. Since that time, the company has been at the forefront of new product development and commercialization in the areas of radiochemistry, geochemistry, hazardous metals analysis and environmental screening for dioxins and related compounds. 

    Eichrom's line of extraction chromatographic resins represents a revolutionary new approach to the chemical separation of actinides and fission products from various sample matrices. These products have become the standard technology in the field of radiochemistry with methods used by accredited laboratories and regulatory agencies worldwide (e.g., the US Environmental Protection Agency and the International Atomic Energy Agency.)

    Eichrom's proprietary chemical technology also includes a family of phosphonic acid-based ion exchange resins that have been used in the fields of hydrometallurgy, bottled water purification and nuclear waste treatment. 

    In 2004, we launched a water testing laboratory in Rennes, France that applies Eichrom’s unique position in radiochemical analysis to the testing of drinking and bottled water in the European Union.

    Our latest endeavor is the 2005 product launch of the Procept® Rapid Dioxin Assay, a new product for screening of environmental and food samples for dioxins and related compounds. This test kit allows for the rapid, direct measurement of dioxin toxicity at a fraction of the cost of traditional GC-MS procedures.

    With offices in suburban Chicago and Rennes, France, Eichrom provides comprehensive customer service and technical support globally.

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