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  • Enamine Ltd was founded in 1991 with the advent of high throughput screening in early drug discovery. The driving force of the company’s development was rapidly increasing demand for new chemical compounds. In over 15 year Enamine has become a world leading provider of Screening Compounds and Building Blocks. It also offers integrated services of custom synthesis, lead optimization and molecular modelling. 

    The company is committed to providing Life Science industries with wide spectrum of smart chemistry solution to support their efforts in the design of new drugs and other bioactive products.

    The body of Enamine, over 300 employees, was formed by specialists of leading scientific institutions of Ukraine as well as by talented graduates from Ukrainian universities and institutions. Over 55 scientists of Enamine have been awarded PhD degree and 4 of them have obtained the degree of Doctor of Sciences. Nowadays, Enamine is the largest fine chemicals producer in Ukraine integrating scientific potential and supporting various projects aimed at the development of fundamental research in organic chemistry.

    In Enamine, we pay great attention to the development of original and unique chemistry. We believe that diverse techniques and methodologies are the main contributors to drug discovery process. A unique fusion of profound scientific background, cost-efficient work and powerful production facilities makes Enamine a preferred partner in outsourcing different discovery and development projects.

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