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  • Enzium is dedicated to developing fluorescent based reagents for highly selective protease activity detection using its proprietary modular protein and dye technology. Enzium’s technology allows them to quickly swap out protein modules, much like LEGO®, to easily build new, selective assay reagents. It is Enzium’s goal to enable customers to integrate the same reagent kit/assay in applications across entire research, drug, and diagnostic development pipelines.

    Enzium employs its patented EnSens® technology – a new, easy-to-use fluorescent protease activity assay technology that doesn’t rely on FRET, fluorescent proteins, or immunofluorescence, and can potentially be used in any fluorescent application, from standard plate reader fluorimetry to flow cytometry and live-cell microscopy. EnSens® can incorporate full recognition site sequence and tertiary structure, greatly enhancing selectivity and yielding more relevant, high-quality hits. EnSens® recombinant & modular nature enables rapid custom development of novel, selective substrates.

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