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  • Esco Products is a family owned and operated business that is devoted to being an industry leader of manufacturing optical components. Since 1953, we have taken extreme pride in meeting and exceeding the requirements of our customers for both standard catalog optics and custom precision optics.

    With our diverse production shop, Esco has the ability to accommodate your complete optical needs. We maintain a large inventory of raw materials from which we can quickly produce our own blanks. A variety of CNC machines allow for extreme precision and amazing repeatability for all radius work and intricate machining. On site double-sided lapping and polishing enables high quantity and quality windows. We have our own coating lab that offers all Anti-Reflective, Dielectric Max Reflector, and Metallic Reflector coatings. Our experienced workforce is made up of highly trained machinists, opticians, engineers, and sales representatives that all work together to give our customers the best products at low prices, with short deliveries. May it be prototypes or high volume optics, from blanks to finished optics, Esco is the source for all your optical components.

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