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  • FIVEphoton Biochemicals specializes in the manufacturing and commercialization of premium and convenient to use research tools for the biological, chemical and pharmaceutical research community.

    We offer innovative research solutions for the demands of a global market. Our facilities are located within the biomedical research community next to La Jolla, California, which hosts a wide range of world class academic and industrial research institutions. Fivephoton Biochemicals' specialties include research kits and novel reagents that are exclusively designed, manufactured and marketed by us. 

    Overview of FIVEphoton Biochemicals' Products

    The following is a brief list of the products that FIVEphoton Biochemicals offers: Immunofluorescence labeling kits, immunoassays, ELISA kits, cell signaling detection kits, transcription factor activation assays, molecular reporters, electrochemical biosensors, protein extraction reagents, DNA isolation kits, transfection reagents, and fluorescent ligands.

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