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  • Frontier Scientific, Inc. (FSI) was founded in 1975 by Dr. Bruce Burnham under the name Porphyrin Products, Inc. 

    Dr. Burnham perceived a need for Porphyrin and related compounds and soon found that as he made the compounds available that new research was spawned. A listing of standard compounds soon generated requests for custom compounds and projects. 

    In 1977 Dr. Jerry Bommer joined Porphyrin Products and was integral in developing key products that have been vital to the success of the company. 

    An outside party contracted Porphyrin Products in the mid 1980’s to develop a Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) drug. This project culminated in a GMP production of an inject-able PDT drug for Phase I clinical trials. Due to economic conditions in the early 1990’s the project was taken to another country to continue the Phase II and Phase III clinical trials. Due to health conditions Dr. Burnham decided to sell the company. In 1995 a new group of shareholders purchased the company.

    Since 1995 FSI has developed molecules for insecticide and antimicrobial use that has been tested against gram positive and gram negative targets using light as an activation source. Also, a potential drug to treat Hemochromatosis has been developed and tested in rats and initial results show efficacy. A patent has been issued for the first project and a patent is pending on the second project. Several other projects are in process and add to FSI’s intellectual property treasure chest.

    In 1997 Porphyrin Products started a new line of chemistry focused on combinatorial chemistry and cross coupling technology. FSI was the first company to provide Bis(pinacolato) diboron on a commercial basis. To accommodate the company moving into additional areas of chemistry the company name was changed to Frontier Scientific, Inc. in 1999. The name Porphyrin Products is still used to market the Porphyrin compounds. In addition the company continues to provide new and novel compounds many of which are only available from FSI.

    Since the inception of the company custom synthesis has been a large component of the business and this continues to be the case. In 1998 FSI was contracted by a major industrial chemical company for manufacture of custom compounds. FSI manufactured up to 100 kg of specific compounds with purity requirements of > 99.5%. Frontier’s reputation for high purity and on time delivery has been built with experience.

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