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  • Gemacbio became one of the leaders in immunochemistry of small sized molecules (molecular weight under 1000 Daltons) including aminoacids, neurotransmitters, neuromodulators, sugar, vitamins, lipids, hormones, drugs, nitrosylated and nitrated modified self compounds, oxidative species, tryptophan metabolites (IDO and THO pathways, etc...). Gemacbio offers a wide range of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies to non immunogenic small molecules for research and product development in the areas of Immunology, Neuroscience, Cell biology, Environment (pollutants), animal and plant physiology…

    Our efforts are focused on quality of products, customer satisfaction and innovative solutions to meet growing market demand for our products. We are able to directly sell and have also developed a network of distributors throughout the world.

    Thanks to our know-how (linkage of small molecules, coupling agents, adaptated immunization procedure, caracterization of recognition of antibody sites...), we can advise on custom antibody production, from the most appropriate antigen to the most appropriate monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies according standard or customized protocols to fit user requirements.

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