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Genlantis/Gene Therapy Systems

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Genlantis/Gene Therapy Systems Products

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  • Genlantis, a division of Gene Therapy Systems, Inc. is located in San Diego, California. Genlantis designs, develops and commercializes biological reagents for life scientists worldwide. The Company is focused on the development of protein expression tools as well as efficient delivery technologies for both in vitro and in vivo applications.

    Genlantis lab Genlantis offers a comprehensive line of specialty products that include the GenePORTER® transfection products for gene delivery and plasmid DNA, GeneSilencer® reagent useful in the delivery of siRNA for gene suppression in mammalian cells, NeuroFECT™ reagent for optimized transfection of primary neurons, and NeuroPure™ primary neuronal cells.

    In addition, our patented Tap Express® and Xi-Clone™ Instant Enzymeless PCR Cloning technologies are available for licensing. These patented technologies offer scientists the ability to design experiments involving hundreds or even thousands of proteins simultaneously at a very reasonable cost. They allow the rapid generation of proteins from complex infectious organisms such as malaria, tuberculosis, anthrax, smallpox virus, Chlamydia, helicobacter, and many more.

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