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G-Biosciences / Geno Technology, Inc.

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G-Biosciences / Geno Technology, Inc. Products

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  • Geno Technology, Inc. is a world supplier of research tools and products and specializes in the development of innovative products for life science research.

    Our ever expanding portfolio of products covers an extensive part of the biotechnology and life science fields and include products for proteomics, genomics, molecular biology and cell biology. Our educational product line is used in schools and universities worldwide.

    G-Biosciences & Genotech are Geno Technology, Inc. (USA) brand names. Our continued efforts to meet changing trends in the life science industry and to satisfy our customers’ needs has resulted in G-Biosciences, a new brand name of Geno Technology, Inc. G-Biosciences reflects the wide range of proteomic and genomic products we offer. Geno Technology, Inc. products continue to be offered and cited under G-Biosciences, Genotech and Geno Technology, Inc. brands.

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