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  • HansaBioMed Life Sciences Ltd is a biotechnology company being entirely dedicated to the research and development of products in the field of Extracellular Vesicles (EV) and Exosome sciences.

    Our mission is to develop and commercialize proprietary platforms, kits, reagents and equipment for exosomes research in the Life Science market. Our catalog of products includes a broad range of purified EVs, various EV isolation tools, enrichment and characterization

    Today HansaBioMed collaborates with various international research groups, both academic and industrial, and participates in research projects aimed to implement the knowledge on the full potential of the EVs. With our expertise, gathered in over 15 years of activity, we actively work not only to improve the current technologies for EV isolation and characterization but also to investigate new fields of application of the extracellular vesicles. Together with the research activities, Hansabiomed provides its customers high quality of services and products dedicated to the exosomes and EV research.

    Highlighted products:

    • Exosomes and Microvesicles (Link to different products etc)
    • Fluorescent EVs
    • EV Isolation Tools
    • TFF cartridges
    • EV characterization kits
    • EV-spinner
    • Antibodies
    • RNA EV isolation
    • Liquid biopsy

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