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  • HemoStat is involved in the field of microbiology, or the study of microorganisms and their activities. Microorganisms can be simple plants, such as algae, more complex forms like bacteria or fungi, or parasites, like viruses and rickettsiae. Whatever their form, they play an important and often dominant role in all aspects of life.

    The study of microbiology is applied to many areas. Microorganisms found in water and air affect our environment, and are used to treat waste in sewage. Microbes in food can cause spoilage and disease, or can be used to make cheese, buttermilk and other dairy products. Their presence in soil improves its fertility by fixing atmospheric nitrogen, and microbes are used in industry to produce medicines, alcoholic beverages and enzymes. Most importantly, the diagnosis of many diseases relies on the identification, isolation and culturing of microorganisms.

    A prerequisite to the study of microorganisms is their cultivation under laboratory conditions. Research has determined the nutritional and environmental requirements of bacteria, and this information has resulted in the development of numerous media, or habitats, for their cultivation. The most common of these media used in the medical field contain blood as a nutrient, along with an agar base; thus they are called blood agar media. HemoStat Laboratories provides the sterile animal blood products that are used in the production of this media. All the blood we sell is aseptically collected at remote sites, primarily the local slaughterhouse.

    Our customers are generally manufacturers of culture media, who in turn sell the media to hospitals, clinical laboratories and industrial users. We sell blood products to companies across the US, Canada, Asia and Europe. We also manufacture the blood bags and other equipment used in the collection and processing of animal blood. HemoStat Labs was started in 1980 by the current owners and is the largest business of its type in the country.

    HemoStat Laboratories original mission was to supply reliable, low cost, high quality sheep blood to diagnostic media manufacturers. We believed that we could be a viable alternative to the farm operation that was common with large companies. The company is owned and managed by the original partners; Jim McElligott, who has a degree in business management from Loyola University, and Gordon Murphy, who ran the blood collection operation at a major culture media manufacturer for several years.

    We are located in the Central Valley region of California, between Sacramento and San Francisco. The valley is home to several large lamb feeding concerns and thousands of acres of dedicated grazing land.

    HemoStat Labs is divided into two main functional areas: blood bag production and blood collection/processing. We require that all employees be cross-trained to maintain awareness and flexibility in our manpower. Our bag making operation allows us to better control our costs as well as quickly adapt to our customer's needs. We have a flexible production setup with multiple RF welders that allow us to manufacture a bag in several different configurations and sizes. Our machine shop allows us to quickly make and modify our own dies. In addition to our own usage, we manufacture bags for sale and ship to other companies worldwide.

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